Guy Ritchie’s latest film might be over the top – but it is also good fun from start to finish.

No-one can quite do a fun-filled and action packed film quite in the same way that Guy Ritchie does and Operation Fortune Rise De Guerre more than rises to the occasion. From the quirky and lively script by Guy Ritchie,Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies to the sheer energy and enthusiasm of the cast – this is a whole lot of fun to watch.

The premise of the film is that spy Orson Fortune who tries hard to break the rules is enlisted by Nathan Jasmine to retrieve a mysterious object from Ukrainian mobsters (yes it feels a little bit untimely given everything happening in the world – but Guy Ritchie and company could not have predicted this). Along the way, he is put into a team with two operatives Sarah and JJ as well as Hollywood A-list actor Danny to chase down arms dealer Greg Simmonds (who adores Danny as an actor).

While, the whole film is over the top, it is also delightfully fun complete with nicely choreographed action sequences that fit the story well. Yes while the way in which the story unfolds and becomes slightly predictable, the way in which the humour is incorporated allows the cast to really bounce off one another. In particular, I loved the way in which Hugh Grant’s villainous and yet somehow charming Greg interacts with the slightly clueless but endearing Danny is extremely entertaining to watch.

The overall vibe of the film is one that feels like a more playful version of a James Bond film, with the action sequences the airport and the twists and turns at the charity event in Cannes for example highlighting this. Meanwhile, the energy throughout means that the whole film has an enjoyable pace to it that keeps the audience engaged throughout and the numerous locations used keeps it as exciting as you would expect from any action film.

In terms of the cast, there is plenty of fun to be had from the sheer quick wittedness of Aubrey Plaza’s Sarah, Jason Statham’s rough around the edges Orson (who also seems to be having the time of his life in the role) to Hugh Grant’s delightfully amusing take on Greg – proving that he should play more villains more often.

The film might be cheesy and over the top, but it is also entertaining and really captures what Guy Ritchie does best. Very entertaining.

By Emma Clarendon

Operation Fortune : Ruse de Guerre is available to watch on Prime Video now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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