We chatted to Daniel about starring in Tambo & Bones at the Theatre Royal Stratford East from the 16th June.

Credit : The Other Richard

Hi Daniel, could you explain what we can expect from Tambo & Bones? The unexpected. Moment to moment this play challenges you, makes you laugh, makes you
think and you never know what is coming next.

What intrigued you the most about the show when you read the script? I was honestly like how on earth are they going to do this play. The scale, the ambition. It evoked a visceral reaction in me and when that happens it is, I always feel it is something I have to explore.

How has it been working on the production so far? Incredible and tiring. From the very start this play grabs you and doesn’t let go.

How do you see your character Bones? Bones is someone who always wants more, wants better for himself and others. His ambition and curiosity is what leads him and Tambo on an incredible journey.

What do you think audiences will take away from Tambo & Bones? I think they will be surprised, challenged. I think they will laugh, I think at points they will be annoyed and I think it will leave people in deep thought. It’s a work of art that stays with you.

How does it feel to be bringing the show to audiences at the Theatre Royal Stratford East? Incredible. Stratford East is a wonderful theatre with a long history of doing ground-breaking work for diverse audiences, so it’s lovely to play a small part of that.

By Emma Clarendon

Tambo & Bones will play at the Theatre Royal Stratford East from the 16th June until the 15th July.


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