The foursome’s latest album sees them returning to their rock ‘n’ roll roots.

Filled with high energy and catchy riffs, it is fair to say that on this new album McFly are clearly enjoying themselves a lot. From ‘Where Did All the Guitars Go?’ which makes a powerful impact to the start to the album all the way through to the catchy and uplifting ‘Shine On’, it is clear that the band are heading into a new era of their music and in a good way.

While there has always been an element of rock ‘n’ roll to their music, for a time McFly did diverge into a more of a pop sound that won them a number of fans over the years and quite rightly so. But now a few years on with this album it feels as though they are showing a more mature side to their sound, which is very much in evidence on songs such as ‘Crash’ that highlights an edgier sound that we haven’t expected from them before.

Equally, there is more emphasis on their musical capabilities, with longer introductions before kicking into the first verse as heard on songs such as ‘I’m Fine’ that builds up to its climax beautifully, while ‘Taking Back Tonight’ features some wonderful harmonies that are a joy to listen to. As a whole, the album is filled with a wonderful variety that showcases just how the band have matured over the years.

But elsewhere, you can also appreciate the songwriting abilities of the group as well which are a strong as ever, particularly when heard on the beautifully soulful sounding ‘Honey I’m Home’, a song that is gentle and allows the listener a bit of a break from the high energy of the rest of the album. Album closer ‘Shine On’ really brings together everything that the album highlights – vibrant sounds, high energy and catchy lyrics that which celebrates the best of what McFly is about.

Perhaps the sheer energy of many of the tracks is exhausting and it doesn’t leave much room for the listener to catch their breath, it is fast and furious and while that is great in terms of showing us what they can be capable of – it can also be slightly overwhelming. But overall, it is a warm welcome back!

By Emma Clarendon

Power to Play is available to buy now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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