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Credit: Johan Persson

The Stage: *** “UK’s first brand-new production of the blockbuster musical is starker and grittier, but stops short of radical reinvention.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “Jessica Lee as Kim gives a tender and sympathetic performance, whilst Christian Maynard is in fine operatic voice as Chris. Ethan Le Phong excels as Thuy, demanding your attention with a genuine talent, and Joanna Ampil commands the stage with a domineering performance as the Engineer.”

The Telegraph: **** “This restaging of Boublil and Schönberg’s take on Madama Butterfly makes necessary changes, without compromising the dramatic heft one bit.”

The Guardian: *** “And there are a sweep of magnificent performances. Lee’s rich voice contains a well of emotion in songs like I Still Believe and Sun and Moon. Maynard plays Chris with heart and earnestness. Ampil is an adrenalised force as The Engineer, her greatest set piece coming with a voluptuously, grotesquely over-the-top rendition of The American Dream, in which she plays a fevered fantasy version of Marilyn Monroe (“poupoupidou bitches”).”

All Things Theatre : **** “Sheffield Theatres’ revival of Miss Saigon pays homage to the original production while offering fresh interpretations that resonate with contemporary audiences. The removal of certain issues and the gender reversal of The Engineer add depth and thoughtfulness to the storytelling. This production is a testament to the talent and dedication of the entire cast and creative team, resulting in a must-see theatrical event. Miss Saigon at the Sheffield Crucible is an outstanding theatrical experience, filled with powerful performances, breath-taking visuals, and a deeply moving storyline. It is a production that will leave audiences emotionally stirred and reflecting on the profound impact of war and love.”

Credit: Johan Persson

North West End: ***** “I really was extremely impressed with this production, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it transferring in the future – it deserves to. Whether you are a prior Miss Saigon fan or a first timer – this show will impact you in ways you didn’t realise it would. It is emotive, it is heart wrenching and it is a soaring epic.  Only showing for a limited time at the Sheffield Crucible until Saturday 19th August, do not miss the show that evokes so many opinions – the legendary Miss Saigon.”

Jonathan Baz Reviews: **** “War is sadly a tragedy that seems to rip through the hearts of so many and this production places us, the audience right in the thick of it. At a time when travel and London ticket prices make a trip to the West End simply unaffordable for many it’s incredibly encouraging that regional theatres such as The Crucible are able to offer such a landmark production as this to their audiences.”

British Theatre Guide: “The orchestra under musical director Chris Poon is restrained when necessary but blasts the audience with rich tone and rhythm when the action requires it. The penultimate ensemble piece, led by Joanna Ampil is a showstopper.”

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