Review Round Up: Mood Music, Old Vic Theatre

Joe Penhall’s play about the music industry has officially opened at the Old Vic Theatre. Here’s what critics have been saying about it… 

Mood Music

The Stage: **** “Penhall puts the musical idea of tension and resolution into his characters to create a fascinating, quietly gripping examination of creativity and everything that goes with it.”

The Arts Desk: “Mood Music is a compelling play, that positively sings with great lines and throws Cat’s raw idealism against Bernard’s manipulative pragmatism.”

The Independent: **** “Roger Michell’s production has an incisive musical elegance.”

WhatsOnStage: *** “At its best, Mood Music is a fairly galling, and probably very astute dissection of a business which co-modifies creativity and makes a huge packet off the back of it.”

Broadway World: *** ” Roger Michell’s production remains essentially safe, neither offering a provocation to the traditional structures of theatre, nor to the industry it depicts.”

London *** “It tells a predictable story unpredictably, and is full of keen observations about the arrested emotional development of celebrities and how artistic collaborations are both forged and destroyed.”

Time Out: *** “Still, if it’s not perfect, it’s certainly impressively in tune with the current climate – no difficult comeback album for Penhall.”

British Theatre Guide: “By the end of what can be a fairly traumatic but absolutely gripping evening with full-on depictions of age and gender discrimination leading to visible distress, viewers will have obtained a much better understanding of the music industry, humanity in the raw and the sad fates of Amy Winehouse and her ilk when the dream goes sour.”

The Times: **** “Riff on the music biz never hits a false note.”

The Guardian: **** “this is a fine play that raises a host of issues without ever trying to resolve them.”

Mood Music will play at the Old Vic Theatre until the 16th June 2018. To book tickets click here or visit:, See Tickets.comLast Minute.comTheatre Tickets and Encore Tickets


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