The season which celebrates theatre, music, film and poetry through the voices and work of London’s best young Black British talent will run from the 1st October until the 4th November.

Theatre Peckham have announced details of its upcoming Young, Gifted & Black season, taking place throughout October.

CEO/Artistic Director, Suzann McLean MBE, said “As we celebrate the fifth year of Young, Gifted & Black, this programme offers more than just a night at the theatre; rather an experience that goes beyond the stage, a celebration of the arts, a platform for cultural insight, and an opportunity for learning and growth.”

Meanwhile, curator of the season Jamel Alatise said “Young, Gifted & Black focuses on performance, poetry, and progressive activities and discussions that foster understanding, skill development, and community connection. The themes of connection, community, and empathy take centre stage, inviting audiences to explore and engage with the diverse stories and perspectives on offer.”

The season is set to open with the launch of a Photography Exhibition – Contemporary Creatives by Alex Galloway. Capturing the breadth of young creatives contributing to the cultural landscape of South London and beyond, the exhibition will be accompanied by a Q&A session with renowned photographer Liz Johnson Artur.

Live theatre performances will feature the anticipated return of I Love Acting But f*** the Industry. This production, written, directed and produced by duo Faisal Dacosta and Raphel Famotibe, follows the journey of three South London actors as they navigate the challenges of the post-pandemic acting industry. Accompanying this will be two plays, Bystanders by Tamara James Dickson is a dark comedy and thriller that delves into themes of love and loss through the lens of Caribbean spirituality, while Roll Your Sleeves With Eve by Shamila Sulaiman takes audiences to the year 2050, with a celebrity chef named Eve. Set against a dystopian backdrop, this romantic comedy-drama offers a unique perspective on love, fame, and the complexities of human connection.

Alongside this, will be a series of workshops throughout the season for those wanting to deepen their learning in the arts. A walk-and-talk workshop with photographer Alex Galloway provides a unique opportunity to understand the essence of photography and gain practical insights. Tamara James Dickson will lead a Special Effects Practical Workshop, offering participants a chance to explore the technical aspects of creating captivating theatrical moments. Additionally, Shamila Sulaiman will guide aspiring playwrights through a Playwriting Workshop, nurturing their creativity and storytelling skills.

Elsewhere, the Scratch Night: Young Writers and Creators showcase will feature fifteen-minute snapshots of new plays in the making while Poetry Night – The Things That Make Us will highlight the power of poetry to engage, educate, and empower.

Young, Gifted & Black will also feature a film night titled Perspectives Across Diaspora. Here it will showcase the exciting work of young Black British filmmakers to celebrate the diversity of stories and perspectives within the African diaspora. While, Black in Music, a music night to platform some of the finest talent making moves in the music industry.

The season will conclude with a brand new play The Farm written and directed by South East London’s Abi Falase. This adaptation of the George Orwell classic Animal Farm is a piece of theatre set in a contemporary dystopian world. Eighteen young actors from Theatre Peckham’s Rep Company bring this animalistic play about the corruption of power to life.

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