The new immersive experience will run at the COLAB Bankside from the 20th October until the 18th November.

COLAB Theatre are launching their all-new multi-floor venue right in the heart of London with their brand new immersive adventure, The Descent, which will see visitors placed right at the heart of the action, testing loyalties and courage as audiences change their own course of this Greek Myth inspired story.

The new venue is located on the Thames, nestled between The Globe and Borough Market, the experience will take place over several floors and combine storytelling, high-quality technology to shock, scare and stun.

In The Descent, audiences will become an integral part of the quintessential Greek Myth, travelling with Orpheus on his treacherous journey to the underworld to find his love, Eurydice. Participants must attempt to navigate a web of intrigue, suspense, and fear. The boundary between performer and spectator will dissolve in this immersive interpretation, which is not for the faint-hearted.

With a capacity of 20 people per show, the journey offers an intimate, high intensity journey that tests the audience’s trust and courage.

Writer and director Bertie Watkins said: ” Immersive theatre has the potential to create the ultimate Halloween thrill. We created The Descent to push the boundaries of immersive horror and plunge our audience into the aftermath of an Ancient Greek Myth. Audiences will experience an intimate, up-close, and personal journey, whilst influencing the narrative.”

The show features the following content warnings: flashing lights, loud noises, jump scares, potential smoke, and references to suicide. Not suitable for late-stage pregnancy.

COLAB Theatre was established in 2012 and focuses on creating immersive and interactive theatre. Its mission is to put audiences centre stage in fantastical worlds that allow them to tell the story for themselves. Combining authentic immersive theatre with cutting-edge production and classic story-telling techniques, COLAB enables its audiences to navigate the space, story and characters, to whatever degree they wish. The shows are designed to provide a rewarding experience that offers excitement, thrill, and intrigue to its audiences.

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