NEWS: Collabro to Return to London as Part of New UK Tour

The musical theatre vocal group are set to head to the the Adelphi Theatre as part of their upcoming UK tour. It has been confirmed that Collabro will embark on a new UK tour, titled Christmas is Here this November, opening at Sheffield City Hall on the 29th. They will then travel to Carlisle, Plymouth,… Read More

REVIEW: Higher by Michael Bublé

Combining his usual mix of classic songs as well as new ones, this album is as classy and as elegant as you would expect. There is always something comforting about listening to Michael Bublé singing – his voice is one of those that is capable of soothing away your troubles and to help you relax.… Read More

REVIEW: Love Sux by Avril Lavigne

This latest album from the singer buzzes with energy and intent – with a hint of nostalgia thrown in for good measure. Early in the 2000’s it would be fair to say that many teenage girls like myself at the time were singing their hearts out to songs such as ‘Complicated’ and ‘Sk8er Boi’ –… Read More

Interview With…Marisha Wallace

We chatted to Marisha about headlining new UK talent show, Alpha Unsigned with the final taking place at The O2’s Indigo venue on the 30th March. Hi Marisha, could you tell me more about Alpha Unsigned? Alpha Unsigned is an event that is designed to find unsigned artists and to give them a chance to… Read More

REVIEW: Oochya!, Stereophonics

This latest album from the Stereophonics is filled with a pleasing range of styles and catchy hooks that keep the listener thoroughly engaged from start to finish. It has been a while since I have listened to a new album and had so much difficulty in selecting a song that I enjoyed the most –… Read More

REVIEW: 2.0 by JLS

While there are some good songs on the group’s latest release, it does feel as though they could have pushed themselves a bit more musically. With songs such as ‘Everybody in Love’ and ‘Beat Again’ under their belt, JLS are certainly a group that have done well for themselves in the past and it is… Read More

REVIEW: The Dream of Christmas by Gary Barlow

The singer has released his first Christmas album – but is it worth a listen? There comes a point in every singer’s career in which releasing a Christmas album seems inevitable – but with his first festive release, Gary Barlow is able to show that it is possible to release a Christmas album and still… Read More

REVIEW: Songs From Home by Ronan Keating

The singer is inspired by songs from his home on this poetic and carefully curated new album. This new album from the Boyzone singer has a very different vibe to it in comparison to his other albums, with ‘Songs From Home’ feeling very much more nostalgic and thoughtful. Diverting away from the catchy pop songs… Read More

REVIEW: Wild Dreams by Westlife

This latest album from the group sees them still confident in the music that they are creating – but with a more reflective vibe to it. The strength of Westlife’s appeal is the way in which they create simple and unfussy music that speaks to people. Yes this means that they will never be considered… Read More

REVIEW: Symphonic Suites by Andrew Lloyd Webber/ The Andrew Lloyd Webber Orchestra

This sumptuous recording highlights the power of music in terms of storytelling. Recorded at the Theatre Royal Dury Lane, this gorgeously put together album features three symphonic suites composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber – one each for The Phantom of the Opera, Evita and Sunset Boulevard and showcases the music in a beautifully clear way.… Read More