REVIEW: My One True Friend, Tristan Bates Theatre

While there are moments of potential in Alexander Matthews play, it doesn’t quite go into enough depth with regards to the topics it is trying to discuss. Inspired by his time spent in Rhodesia between 1976 and 1985, it is a shame that there is a lack of depth to be found in this play… Read More

REVIEW: Glass Roots, Tristan Bates Theatre

This second production in the Tristan Bates Theatre is gripping and uncomfortable to watch – but doesn’t really tell the audience anything new about racism or bullying that hasn’t already been told before.  There is certainly plenty of abuse and accusations thrown around in Evan Keele’s engaging and intense production that leaves the audience uncomfortable… Read More

REVIEW: Screaming Secrets, Tristan Bates Theatre

Not many secrets are revealed in this deeply thoughtful but problematic play by Alexander Matthews.  Theatre is designed to challenge and open our minds to other possibilities about the world around us and in some cases to part knowledge. With Screaming Secrets, playwright Alexander Matthews, through heavy reliance on philosophy, attempts people’s needs to be… Read More

NEWS: Alexander Matthews Season Announced at Tristan Bates Theatre

The Tristan Bates Theatre has announced an Alexander Matthews season to run at the theatre from the 31st January until the 24th March.  The theatre will present the debut of the playwright and philosopher’s two social dramas  ‘Screaming Secrets’ and ‘Glass Roots’ which will have back-to-back runs, forming the first Alexander Matthews season in the UK. Both… Read More