REVIEW: A Streetcar Named Desire, National Theatre at Home

This 2014 Young Vic Theatre production is as heartbreaking as it is powerful to watch. With his production of this classic play by Tennessee Williams, Benedict Andrews powerfully captures all the central themes of the play including the dangers of fantasising, loneliness and mental illness. A Streetcar Named Desire follows the story of Blanche who… Read More

Film Review: The Program

This fascinating and gripping film tells the story of the  remarkable rise and and fall of Lance Armstrong.  Directed by Stephen Frears, the film has a documentary vibe about it in the way in which it has been filmed. It features archive footage from news reports to add an extra layer to the story and… Read More

Coming Soon on DVD… The Program

One of sports biggest scandals is brought vividly to life in the film The Progra, which arrives on Blu Ray and DVD on the 15th February. Inspired by the book Seven Deadly Sins by David Walsh, The Program tells the story of how Lance Armstrong, one of cycling’s success stories was actually one of its biggest cheats… Read More