PREVIEW: Giovanni da Rimini: An Early 14th Century Masterpiece Unveiled, National Gallery

The National Gallery will display Giovanni da Rimini’s late Medieval painting Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and Other Saints from the 14th June it has been announced.  Over 700 years old, visitors can discover the painting which unites the tradition of late Byzantine icons with a new, more sophisticated style of painting, rich in narrative… Read More

The National Gallery Announces Programme of Exhibitions for 2017

The gallery will present exhibitions on Maíno, Michelangelo, Chris Ofili, Giovanni da Rimini and Van Eyck throughout 2017.  The latest programme of exhibitions will start with Maíno’s Adorations: Heaven on Earth, running at the London gallery from the 28th September until the 29th January 2017. Focusing on two pieces of art by the Spanish artist that haven’t been seen in the UK… Read More