PREVIEW: A Home Away From Home: The India Club

From the 30th January, the National Trust’s new London exhibition to  reveal the social history behind The India Club.  This site-specific exhibition will help to shine a light on the social history of this iconic club on the Strand as well as focusing on the significance of the India Club as an important meeting point and community space, initially for migrants arriving from the Indian subcontinent, and gradually spreading to a wider… Read More

NEWS: National Trust and The National Archives Announce New Project Suffragette City

The National Trust and The National Archives have announced a new project to re-create the life of a Suffragette activist in the years before the partial grant of the vote to women in 1918.  Surveillance photographs of Suffragettes imprisoned in Holloway. The National Archives Catalogue Reference: AR 1/528 Suffragettes 11-18, 1914.  Taking place at the WSPU Café,… Read More

PREVIEW: Points of View, National Trust, Horniman Museum and Gardens

To mark eighty years since the first protected views were proposed, the National Trust, the Horniman Museum and Gardens, and Bompas & Parr will collaborate on a new installation, ‘The Imminent Diorama’, which will sit atop one of London’s finest unprotected views of the city at the Horniman. This interactive new installation will allow the public… Read More

NEWS: National Trust Announces Queer City: London Club Culture 1918-1967 Project

Running at the Freud Cafe Bar in London from the 2nd to the 26th March, this is a unique collaboration between the National Trust and The National Archives which will recreate ‘London’s most bohemian rendezvous’, The Caravan, a queer friendly members club. The Caravan was around during a time when being openly gay frequently led to… Read More