Love London Love Culture’s Picks of the Week: Sunday 18th November

Here’s a few news, reviews and interviews that have been proving popular on Love London Love Culture this week….  1. Don Carlos, Rose Theatre, Kingston: Love London Love Culture’s review is still proving to be a popular read this week. Starring Tom Burke, this production directed by Gadi Roll is an intense ride – but was… Read More


Love London Love Culture’s Round Up of the Week: Sunday 14th October

Here’s a few things that have been proving popular on LLLC this week…. 1. The Wider Earth, Natural History Museum: Love London Love Culture paid a visit after hours to the Natural History Museum to see this refreshing new take on Charles Darwin and the discoveries he made whilst on a five year voyage on the… Read More

REVIEW: Silence is My Mother Tongue by Sulaiman Addonia

This vivid and insightful examination into life at a refugee camp is filled with colourful characters that hold the story together beautifully.  Written by Sulaiman Addonia, Silence is My Mother Tongue offers a bold and at times shocking insight into what life can be like living in a refugee camp as seen through the eyes… Read More