I don’t get a chance to go to the cinema very often due to spending a lot of time at the theatre and trying to find someone to come along to see a film with me who has the same taste can be difficult. But there are quite a few that are coming out that are really exciting (Jurassic World, the Minions film for example) and this new comedy with Melissa McCarthy and Miranda Hart is just one of them.

It is a slick and fun film that really allows the female characters to lead the way in what seems to be a James Bond spoof (just look at the opening credits for example). The humour is sharp throughout – even if it is slightly crude in places for my personal taste (but still enjoyable).

However, it is just a shame that certain language is used quite a lot (sorry to sound like a prude) which means that at times the script can feel a little bit tired and repetitive in places.

But it is clear that the chemistry between McCarthy, Hart and Jason Statham is brilliant throughout, allowing the audience to have as much fun watching the film as it is clear that the cast had working on the film.

I was also extremely impressed with the stunt work that took place throughout the film – clearly very physical and demanding to work on – particularly for McCarthy who could certainly hold her own if she was ever to consider becoming a spy for real!

The problem that I have with many comedy films that have been released in recent years is that they are too crude for my taste and seem to rely on the same joke over and over again. While there is slight hint of that in Spy, it is not overly offensive and more like a fun filled caper that really does have you rooting for McCarthy’s character throughout.

Overall, I did leave the film with a smile on my face and believing that not only are there more strong female roles around but women can certainly hold their own in a male dominated industry such as the CIA.