Born in Russia and raised in Germany, 19 year old Charly has already seen and experienced a lot in life – how do we know this? By listening to her songs of course!

At the age of 16 Charly moved to Los Angeles by herself – a brave move but also the right decision to make in terms of her career.

Her music can be described as a country-pop vibe and feel good attitude about them. Evidence can be found if you listen to ‘Everybody’s Pretty When They’re 18’ :

One of the most obvious comparisons to make in terms of her music is that of Taylor Swift’s – powerful but reassuring in message. Her confidential tone makes everyone who listens to it feel as though they are Charly’s personal friend.

Charly is influenced by a number of different artists such as Dolly Parton and Shania Twain but puts her own style on the original sound making it relevant for music fans today.

So what next for Charly? Well on the basis of that song alone it seems as though she has definitely got a bright future ahead of her.

If you enjoyed this song and want to keep up with what she is getting up to then visit her website , twitter and facebook pages.