Review Round Up: Pop 2 by Charli XCX

The singer is back with her latest mixtape record which includes collaborations with Carly Rae Jepson and Tommy Cash. Here, Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews…

The Guardian: **** “There are big choruses and hooks amid the teeming sound, not least on Unlock It and Out of My Head, tracks that sound like hit singles from a slightly more adventurous, expansive alternate universe than the one the charts currently inhabit.”

Pitchfork: “a vision of what pop music could be”

Consequence of Sound: “By inflating pop music to its cartoonish extremes, Charli and her cohorts find something most artists don’t dare to look for: They find space between the boring and the uncomfortable, the pristine and the filthy, the sterile corporate origins of much radio pop, and the vibrant human spaces in which it’s consumed.”

NME: **** “Charli’s second mixtape of the year isn’t just about proving she’s more than your average pop star, but about her settling into her role as innovator, celebrator, and curator supreme.”

Renowned for Sound: ** “The only thing that I may appreciate of this album is the constrast between the meaning of the lyrics, mostly sad, and the more happy tone of the music. This difference makes you listen to the mixtape multiple times to really understand and (if you are lucky) appreciate Charli’s work.”

The Financial Times: **** “she inhabits the challenging musical terrain fully, switching tempo and tone seamlessly. Her mixtape makes the past sound like a foreign country.”

Press Play Ok: ** “whatever its intention POP 2 doesn’t register as a success. Not just for the squandering of the talent involved, but for showing a side of Charli XCX that already seems outdated compared to her own work even just this year.”

Irish Examiner: **** “a strikingly coherent collection— suggesting Charli XCX’s future lies beyond the mainstream, chasing her eclectic instincts without a care as to whether anyone is listening or cash tills are chiming.” **** 1/2 “She’s proved without a doubt she’s more than your average pop star. This mixtape isn’t just about Charli XCX, no it’s more about the vision of what pop music is going to be.”

Pop 2 is available to buy and download now



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