With rumours getting stronger about who is going to be singing the next James Bond theme song (*cough*Ellie Goulding *cough*) now seems to be a good time to look at some of the best songs to have been featured in the films, songs that have become almost as iconic as the films themselves.

Now I have plenty of favourites or to be more accurate the most memorable, here are my top five James Bond songs:

1. Skyfall – Adele – Now while I have actually yet to see the film itself, this song really features the drama and passion that a proper James Bond Theme needs. Of course it also needs a powerful voice to pull it off and Adele’s is certainly this generation’s equivalent to Shirley Bassey.

2. GoldenEye- Tina Turner – Now if I had to pick a James Bond film that was my absolute favourite then it would have to be GoldenEye. The theme tune again has all the qualities that makes a great theme – a strong and unique voice, memorable lyrics  and captures the film perfectly. Brilliant.

3. Die Another Day – Madonna – I love this tune because it is so completely different to any of the other theme songs – with its edgier vibe and sharper lyrics making it one of the most memorable songs from any recent James Bond theme.

4. Live and Let Die – Paul McCartney & the Wings – I always find this theme interesting as it has more of a rock vibe to it. Filled with urgency and energy, it is definitely memorable it is filled with drama -despite the fact (in my opinion) the lyrics weren’t as powerful in comparison with other themes.

5. Nobody does it Better – Carly Simon – Of course from The Spy Who Loved Me, this tune is one of the few themes that weren’t titled the same as the film. I love it because it is simple and has a more laid back feel about it that suggests a change in style for the James Bond films.

So what are your favourite James Bond themes? Who would you like to see singing a theme?


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