CD Review: Act Two, Collabro

This brand new album from Collabro features a mixture of songs from musicals and other songs that everybody listening to the album will be familiar with.

Since winning the eighth series of Britain’s Got Talent, the boy band have already had a number one album Stars released last year and are gaining a strong following. Their speciality is musical theatre and this is something that still continues to influence them on this album.

Featuring songs such as ‘A Thousand Years’ (Twlight fans will recognise), ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ and ‘Circle of Life’, the album really showcases their beautiful harmonies that do bring to mind Il Divo.

There is a particular richness in their voices on ‘Music of the Night’, showing off their strength and understanding of musical theatre and there is plenty to enjoy in the other songs that have been clearly well selected for an album that flows easily from one song to the next.

I also loved the arrangements of particular songs such as ‘I’ll Be There For You’ (or the theme from Friends as it is also known) – adding a completely different meaning and tone that I would never have thought would have worked for the song.

But if there is a rather small complaint to be made it just feels a little bit too safe in places such as on ‘I Dreamed a Dream’, which I realise is hard to make different and unique anyway but it sounds as though it is being sung the same way that it has in many other versions. I also felt that sometimes there is too much power and drama musically that it makes it difficult to appreciate the lyrics.

However, it is still a strong,brilliant and confident album from a group that is can be confident in ongoing success for years to come.

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