The musical theatre group are back with a brand new album – that just might their best yet…

Since winning Britain’s Got Talent, it seems that Collabro has gone from strength to strength in terms of the quality of their albums and Home is certainly no different.

Filled with such a variety of songs from familiar and more obscure musicals including Les Miserables, Love Never Dies and Wicked, each song has been cleverly selected to really enhance the brilliance of Collabro’s harmonies and their deep understanding of the songs that they are performing.

Through songs such as ‘He Lives in You’ and ‘Journey to the Past’ you can really hear the passion and understanding consistently. Each member bringing something unique to the song that seems to work well when put together.

While, many of the songs on the album are drawn towards the more emotional and heartfelt side, there are moments when Collabro are able to relax and just have fun – particularly on ‘December 1963 (Oh What a Night)’ and a unique, jazz infused version of ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ which takes some getting used to but shows an attempt to make the song their own.

Much of the album is pretty straight forward and the arrangements don’t allow for much experimentation and can make them sound slightly predictable – except for the inclusion of ‘Lighthouse’ which sees them cautiously taking steps to rectify this.

But overall, fans will be pleased with the result of this album which has plenty of variety and once again highlighting the power of musical theatre music.

Home is available to buy and download through Amazon now. 

Rating: ❤❤❤❤