Now I’m asking this question because there is a show arriving at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking for one night only called One Night of Queen. Now the title is exactly as it sounds: this gives fans who might not be able to afford or be able to attend the Queen with Adam Lambert concerts a chance to celebrate the best music from Queen.

Watch the trailer to get an idea of what to expect from the show when it comes to Woking on Sunday 20th September:

But why are we all still so fascinated with the music that still affects generations now? In my personal opinion I genuinely believe that Queen created some of the most instantly recognisable songs in music history. Whether it is Bohemian Rhapsody or We Will Rock You  , their music still has an edge to it that no one else’s music can ever replicate and that is not a small thing to achieve.

Their willingness to experiment with their sound shows that they always had confidence in their music and that is something that always comes through either by listening to their albums or by watching old performances.

On a more personal basis, they are one of the only bands where I don’t have an absolute favourite song. It is too difficult for me to even contemplate to pick one because they are all so unique. Long may their music continue to inspire!

The show coming to the New Victoria Theatre, aims to replicate the energy and drive that the original band had in their live performances. The band who form the show was created by Gary Mullen, who won Stars in Their Eyes in 2000, winning the most votes that had ever been received on the show.

The Works (the band that Mullen formed) came about in 2002, comprising of David Brockett, Billy Moffat, Jonathan Evans and Malcolm Gentles and have been on tour with this show for the last decade. They are paying tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time with this show which features all the bands greatest hits such as Another One Bites the Dust and We are the Champions.

So if you are a fan of Queen this definitely sounds like the show for you!


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