Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein has provided inspiration for film adaptations for years, but in 2015 can it be adapted for a new generation?

This latest adaptation promises to be a dynamic and thrilling twist on one of the most memorable stories ever written. Starring Daniel Radcliffe as Igor Strausman and James McAvoy as Victor Frankenstein, this film looks set to thrill a new generation of cinema-goers with its CGI effects and attention to detail.

But can it impress them with its plot? Judging by the trailer, it comes across as quite chaotic and difficult to keep up with (although I understand that trailers chop and change sequences to gain audience’s attention) but there does seem to be a lot of action to keep anyone who goes to see it on their toes for the duration.

However, it is not purely a tale of ‘horror’ but also one that focuses on the scientific elements of what Victor Frankenstein is trying to achieve and how far he is willing to go – with of course disastrous consequences for all involved.

The question remains until the film is released and everyone gets a chance to have their say – is this latest adaptation completely necessary when there are so many adaptations around? Can it offer us anything different that we haven’t already seen?

Like many trailers it is able to draw us into what should thrill audiences – jammed packed with action shots and only brief glimpses of the monster itself and should ensure many people go and see it when it is released in November.

Of course you should take into consideration the talent that is in the cast as well. Both Radcliffe and McAvoy have had varied careers –  having an ability to push themselves for roles you wouldn’t normally think would suit them and I get a sense in this trailer that they have really pushed themselves for this film. *

But other members of the cast are equally strong and worth looking out for in this film such as Jessica Brown Findlay (Downtown Abbey, Oresteia), Freddie Fox and Andrew Scott (Sherlock).

So am I excited about this film? Well yes I am although in all honesty it is not my usual type of film to go and watch at the cinema…

*both are favourite actors of mine having seen them both on stage and can testify their ability to switch the types of roles that they play with ease.