Album Review: A Room Forever by Aaron Irwin

Saxophonist and composer Aaron Irwin’s latest album ‘A Room Forever’ is filled with charm and warmth that will please fans and newcomers to his work alike.

Alongside trombonist Matthew McDonald, bassist Thomson Kneeland and guitarist Pete McCann, Irwin has created an album that is consistently relaxing and enjoyable to listen to from beginning to end, showing imagination and thoughtfulness.

From songs such as ‘A Room Forever’ to ‘The Way it Has to Be’, the music is very natural and poignant and ebbs and flows from one track to the next with ease and there is certainly no awkwardness about it.

Everything about the album itself has clearly been well planned and the performances reflect the controlled nature of the music – particularly on tracks like ‘The Dry’ and ‘The Salvation of Me’, it can come across as too self-contained and not having enough time for the performers to explore the possibilities of the music properly.

This is why it comes as a shock when listening to ‘Time and Again’, perhaps the only track that doesn’t fit in with the tone of the album being more rock in sound. It also has plenty more freedom about it that is quite a dramatic change in comparison with the rest of the album and can be difficult to adjust to.

While perhaps there aren’t lots of twists and turns in the music and not as many surprises as you were expecting, it does take you on a journey in a way that only good music can do – thanks to the variety of music influences that is clear on the album. From American folk music to classical music elements, this album leaves no stone left unturned in its exploration of the musical landscape that Irwin creates.

Overall, ‘A Room Forever’ is a strong fifth album from Aaron Irwin that shows respect for many different musical elements while putting his own spin on them. Well worth a listen.

A Room Forever will be available to buy from the 6th November. You can pre-order the album from Amazon now. 


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