The latest film in this series certainly delivers and has plenty to thrill and excite audiences just as much as the original film. 

It would be fair to say that this film had a lot of expectations surrounding it when it was announced that there was going to be a fourth film in the series. The last one didn’t fair so well in box office ratings or in reviews but in all fairness it was (in this writer’s opinion) a lot better than the second one. So the question was could Jurassic World recapture the brilliance of the original?

Well yes it does in fact. Although the opening half an hour or so does feel a bit like it is time wasting, the drama and action pretty soon intensifies to a thrilling and ultimately terrifying climax that really does keep your heart pounding throughout.

Of course in 2015 the visual effects are pretty spectacular but it is very easy to tell how much of the film that relies on special effects, that you do feel a little bit mournful for the effects used in the original – much more basic but somehow more believable.

The plot is easy to follow and keep up with just like the others, but with a bit more scientific jargon thrown in as well. The park is finally open but visitors interest in the park is beginning to tire ever so slightly so those in charge decide that something bigger and better is needed: a brand new type of dinosaur that is created fro scratch. But of course this dinosaur leads to difficulties for everybody involved…

It is an interesting story because it shows exactly what happens if you try and push science too far and humans obsession with being better than anyone else pushed to dangerous (all right yes it’s not the most believable of stories) limits.

The characters themselves are perhaps not nearly as memorable and as interesting as they could be but there is still strong performances from Bryce Dallas Howard as the feisty and independent Claire and Chris Pratt as the typically strong and in control Owen.

Jurassic Park fans should be pleased at this attempt, while those who were perhaps expecting something more radical from the film will be disappointed.

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