Album Review: Christmas, Kylie Minogue

As Christmas edges even closer, it is time to start thinking about digging out the Christmas films and albums to help get into the festive spirit.

Kylie Minogue is back with her new album to help us all get into the festive spirit with plenty of charm and character to help us along the way.

With a mixture of Christmas favourites such as ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’, ‘Let it Snow’ and of course ‘Santa Baby’ as well as those that aren’t so familiar – it is a great balance of songs that help keep the festive cheer going throughout the album.


To really make a Christmas album work you need to have plenty of personality and be bubbly and enthusiastic throughout – which thankfully Kylie delivers on each and every song.

Her versions of ‘Let it Snow’ and ‘Santa Baby’ are perfect examples of this, never letting up in enthusiasm or energy that keep a smile on your face constantly while listening.

But she also has the ability to be sentimental and draw everything she can out of the song and make it sound unique as heard on ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ or on the wonderful duet with James Corden ‘Only You’.

That isn’t to say that absolutely everything works on the album. It tends to get a bit carried away and over the top particularly on album opener ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ or ‘Every Day’s Like Christmas’ which feels a bit out of place with the other songs on the album.

It also makes me sad that more artists are recording duets with other singers who have passed away such as Frank Sinatra. Now while ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ is a great duet, it just feels a tad superficial that it takes away some of the sentiment of the song.

But these minor glitches don’t have any impact on how much fun you have by listening to the album and certainly makes you want Christmas to come around quicker.

Overall, Kylie makes her own mark on some classic Christmas tunes and is bursting with joy from beginning to end.

Kylie Christmas is available to buy and download on Amazon

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