Album Review: 25, Adele

This is one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the last few years, since Adele took time away from the music scene to become a mother. Was it worth the wait? 

There is a more mature feel about 25 in comparison to 21, showing how in the time that she has been ‘away’ how her voice has matured and has even more soul and depth about it than before.

But it is also a more positive outlook about it that makes it an uplifting album to listen to from beginning to end.

‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover) has a catchy rhythm to it that adds a different layer to the album and it has more of an attitude about it that makes the listener really sit up and pay attention.

Most of the songs have a poetic and soulful quality about them that as expected, suit Adele’s voice superbly. Songs such as ‘When We Were Young’ and ‘River Lea’ standout in particular for this reason.

The only track that feels clunky in comparison to the delicate nature of the rest of the album is ‘I Miss You’, which feels out of sync with the calm and laid back nature of the rest of the album.

While the album doesn’t deliver any major surprises, it does remind those listening exactly why Adele has been missed from the charts in recent years.

It delivers on heart, soul and stirring up the emotions and Adele fans will be delighted with the result. 25 may have a lot of pressure on it to be as successful as 21 was, but it deserves credit for what it delivers which is a feel good album that showcases a supremely talented woman’s voice.

25 finishes on a high note with ‘Sweetest Devotion’ a beautiful song that just soars from beginning to end and really captures the album as a whole.

There is plenty of variety on the album and shows how Adele is able to use her voice to great effect – no matter what she sings. A beautiful effort that has been certainly worth the wait.

25 by Adele is available to buy and download on Amazon now. 

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