Book Review: Killers of the King by Charles Spencer

Charles Spencer brings a troubled period of British history vividly to life in a thrilling and intense book. 

Set in and around the aftermath of the civil war, Killers of the King reveals how all those who were involved with the execution of King Charles I were rounded up and punished for the part that they played leading up to his death.

It is a brutal but thrilling account of each individual involved, told in a fluent and in depth way that really gets to the heart of the story.

The only the problem is that unless you really understand the background of to the civil war and Oliver Cromwell’s part in all of it then it maybe a bit of a struggle to keep up with what is happening in this book.

However, Killers of the King does manage to draw you in with the close attention to detail  for each individual story and the reader is given a great insight into the era that is vivid and intense.

For those who are interested in this period of history, there is plenty to astonish and amaze constantly, revealing how set on revenge King Charles II and how this is one most bloodiest parts of British history.

It is a balanced and well written book that really brings this period of history to life through the stories of individuals that ties every element of the events leading up to the death of Charles I perfectly.

The book is a story of revenge, blood and a battle for power and control over England and it will definitely really thrill those who enjoy their history that is filled with excitement and plenty of action.

Energetic and full of pace, Killers of the King is a brilliantly written book that keeps the reader gripped from beginning to end.

Killers of the King by Charles Spencer is available to buy on Amazon.  

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