Album Review:White Light, The Corrs

The Corrs are back with an album that sounds as though they have never been away, picking up exactly where they left off. 

Filled with songs that are a breath of fresh air to listen to, White Light is an album that showcases everything that The Corrs stands for: elegance, talent and huge appreciation for the music that they create.

Back with a vibrant new sound that has a contemporary feel about it musically, but sticking with the soul-searching lyrics that the band are known for from songs such as ‘Do What I Like’ to ‘Strange Romance’, shows how their music has now matured in the time that they have been away.

But there does seem to be more of an attitude in their music as well. This can really be heard in ‘Bring on the Night’ or ‘Gerry’s Reel’ that shows real confidence and pride in their music – and deservedly so.

While in comparison to some other artists in the charts at the moment The Corrs music seems relatively unadventurous and perhaps not particularly exciting to listen to, it is in fact refreshing to see that they have stuck to what they are great at: creating wonderful poetic songs that are filled with heart and emotion.

‘Strange Romance’ and ‘Catch Me When I fall’ are both full of drama and wistfulness that really capture the spirit of the album as a whole.

While there might not be much variation in tone, White Light still has plenty of subtle hints in the slight change of direction that the band have decided to take their music in for this album. ‘Bring on the Night’ and ‘White Light’ definitely have more more punch about them than other songs that The Corrs have released in the past.

It is always so difficult not to like The Corrs and their music that this album marks a welcome return for the group and for fans it is the perfect album for them to come back with.

White Light is available to buy and download now from Amazon


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