The musical collective’s debut album is filled with a beautiful combination of sounds that prove that contemporary classical music can work in perfect harmony with electronic music. 

(c) Corre. 

Blending an array of different styles of music, ‘Form’ is an album which is bold in experimentation technique, but also feels lacking in energy and passion.

Yes, all of the songs that have been composed on the album really soothe the soul and offer a new perspective on both contemporary classical and electronic music, but it would have been equally fascinating to hear more up tempo music as a nice contrast.

There is certainly no denying that it is an album that is confident in style, beautifully combining a range of different sounds that have taken inspiration from all types of music from across the globe. Everything is gentle and works in perfect harmony with each other, progressing nicely through the album with ease.

Does it find that balance between contemporary classical and electronic music? While to some extent the album gets close, it feels as though the classical just slightly outbalances the electronic. But this means that the album never gets carried away by its own ambition and is very controlled – which is certainly not a bad thing in terms of keeping the main purpose of the album right at the heart of proceedings.

It might come across in this review that this is a serious album, but ‘Form’ actually has many moments which are playful and enjoyable to listen to, adding a different layer to the album.

Although the tracks were created by Corre in a short space of time, suggesting spontaneity, it is clear by the delicate performances and the nature of the music that a lot of time and thought has actually gone into the construction of this album. It will be interesting to see exactly where Corre will go next with their music.

Form will be released in the UK and Europe on the 20th October. 


Rating: ❤❤❤❤


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