The Dulwich Picture Gallery will be presenting the first UK exhibition of paintings and prints by Norwegian artist Nikolai Astrup from the 5th February to the 15th May 2016 – so what can visitors expect? 

Key 3 Funeral Day BKMdep_354_07_b
Nikolai Astrup, Funeral Day in Jolster, before 1908. The Savings Bank Foundation DNB/The Astrup Collection/KODE Art Museumsof Bergen. Photo (c) Dag Fosse/KODE.

Arranged thematically, the exhibition will bring Astrup’s vision of Norway to London through a collection of his paintings and prints that capture the myths folklore of the country.

The main purpose of the exhibition is to highlight the artist’s radical approach to landscape painting and print making by featuring 120 pieces of his work -many of which are on display in the UK for the very first time.

After introducing visitors to the part of Norway with landscapes that provide an almost 360 degree view of the area surrounding his father’s parsonage at Ålhus, the exhibition will then turn its attention to the radical innovations in printmaking and painting that came to define Astrup’s career.

Ian A. C. Dejardin, the Sackler Director of Dulwich Picture Gallery and co-curator of the show, said:“Hailed even as an art student as the great new hope of Norwegian art at the turn of the twentieth century, Astrup deserves to be celebrated outside his native Norway. ”

Many of the works are loans from a number of lenders from Norway including Astruptunet, Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum (MISF); KODE, Bergen; The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo and The Savings Bank Foundation DNB as well as a number of private collections in Norway and the United States of America.

Painting Norway opens at the Dulwich Picture Gallery from the 5th February to the 15th May. For more information visit: .