Review Roundup: Kung Fu Panda 3

Jack Black and co are back for this latest film involving the loveable panda – but does it win over the critics? 

The Guardian: *** Alex Needham wrote: “this is a visually sumptuous kids’ film that will also charm adults.”

Den of Geek: Rob Leane thought that: “Thus, while Kung Fu Panda could be funnier, it has a lot to offer instead of those big belly laughs.”

Evening Standard:**** Charlotte O’Sullivan said: “The film is simultaneously sweet, simple and savvy.”

The Independent: ****Geoffrey Macnab found: “serve up exactly the same mix of mayhem, noodles and dumplings as the first two films in the series, but Kung Fu Panda 3 is still energetic and wildly entertaining fare.”

The Telegraph: **** Tim Robey commented: “The summer ahead is looking madly stuffed with talking animals, but Po has jammed his bulging frame through first, and done it with style.”

Empire: **** Olly Richards said: “There’s confidence in the storytelling, which is swift and cheerful.” “While Kung Fu Panda 3 is almost as entertaining and fun as its predecessors, I couldn’t help but notice that some cracks are beginning to show in the beloved panda’s armour.”

The Mirror: **** David Edwards wrote: “The humour is awfully simplistic and the story not as involving as the last instalment, but the visuals in DreamWorks’ latest are so good you can forgive the weaknesses.”

Belfast Telegraph: ***Damon Smith called it: “this derivative yet breathlessly energetic third instalment of the computer-animated adventure series.”

The Upcoming: ***** Mariana Howard summed it up saying:”Kung Fu Panda 3 is a fun jaunt that will transport both children and adults alike.”

Kung Fu Panda is released in cinemas in the UK today. 





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