David Bowie is back with a brand new album- but is it any good? Here is what some of the critic have to say about it. 

The Scotsman:**** Fiona Shepherd wrote that the album is : “as enigmatic as its creator.”

The New York Times: Jon Pareles described it as: “the strange, daring, ultimately rewarding album.”

Ultimate Classic Rock: Michael Galluci called it: “a work of art (emphasis on that last word) that persuasively posits Bowie as one of the very few innovators who’s still making better records than his many disciples.”

Art Info: **** Mark Beech commented: “David Bowie’s new album is his best in a very long time.”

NME:  4/5 Sam Richards described it as a: “busy, bewildering and occasionally beautiful record.”

The Independent: **** Andy Gill called it: “the most extreme album of his entire career.”

Rolling Stone: **** David Fricke said it is: “one of the most aggressively experimental records the singer has ever made.”

The Telegraph: Neil McCormick summed the album up saying: “How fantastic to have an album as rich and strange as Blackstar that refuses to yield in a few listens.”

The Financial Times: **** Ludovic Hunter-Tilney “Blackstar is atmospheric and adventurous.”

Something Else!: Sammy Stein said: “It is different, it is interesting and it is very good.”

Blackstar is available to buy and download from the 8th January through Amazon