Three days after the release of his latest album Blackstar  and his 69th Birthday, the iconic singer’s death at the age of 69 has sent shock waves across the world. 

As well as his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, Bowie is best known for hit songs such as ‘Heroes’, ‘Changes’ and ‘Space Oddity’ to name a few.

He lived a mainly private life, with news that he had been suffering from cancer for the last 18 months arriving with the sad news of his death this morning.

Bowie consistently delivered music that was completely unique to what all his contemporaries were doing at that time – very forward minded and a completely unique talent that will probably not appear again in the world of music for a long time – if ever.

His latest and last album was released three days ago to mark his 69th birthday and while it is sad to think of his passing away so unexpectedly – it is a comfort to know that he has left fans with one last album for them to enjoy and to add to their collection – a parting gift from him to his fans.

RIP David Bowie – thank you for the music and the wonderful creativity you put into your music – it will inspire a number of musicians and artists for years to come.