This subtle album is filled with personality that each track won’t fail to charm the listener in its own individual way. 


The New York pianist delivers on quality music as well as perfect performances from all three musicians on this subtle but playful album.

From beginning to end, the album has a wide variety of sounds combining together to create a number of tracks that have plenty of personality about them to keep the listener’s attention.

Opening number ‘Fractal Sketches’ is deceptive in the way that it begins simply but quite quickly progresses to becoming a complicated but well structured track that sets the tone for the rest of the album perfectly.

From then on it is a playful and vibrant album that is precisely performed and has clearly been inspired by a number of different influences, which is particularly heard on tracks such as ‘Caribbean Vortex’ and ‘Joyful Noises’. Both compositions are quirky and take a bit of time to get used to and fully appreciate, but once you do the enjoyment is immense.

It is difficult to find a single flaw with this album because everything about it is so heartfelt and genuine celebration of music as a whole. However, at times it can feel slightly all over the place and perhaps taking some of the experimental elements of tracks such as ‘Joyful Noises’ too far that it doesn’t feel as though it adds anything new to the album.

Yet there is no doubting how refreshing the overall vibe of the album is – it is so joyful from beginning to end, particularly on ‘Open & Close” with its quirky and playful vibes that really sums what the album is all about.

Nothing about the album feels as though it is challenging or pushing the boundaries of jazz in anyway, but in all honesty this is something that doesn’t matter because the listener is too busy enjoying the subtle nature of the album to be too concerned about this.

Hidden Voices certainly sounds like a celebration of music, individuality and of course talent – of which there is plenty of evidence of from beginning to end. A great album for jazz fans to listen to and appreciate.

Hidden Voices is released on the 29th January through Intakt. It will be available to buy on Amazon