Three years on, Savages are back with the follow up album to their debut ‘Silence Yourself’ – but have they impressed critics or has the album left them feeling cold? 

The Guardian: **** Alexis Petridis wrote: “Adore Life feels looser and slightly more relaxed than its predecessor.”

Mojo: **** Keith Cameron commented: “Savages’ passion now feels contagious, a useful quality for bolstering their cult appeal.”

Drowned in Sound: 8/10 Andrzej Lukowski said: ” It takes real bravery to write an album so honest and exposed.”

The Skinny: ***** Katie Hawthorne found that: “With fearless approach and razor sharp delivery, Adore Life is so bruisingly intimate that it feels like a surgical hand taking grasp of your gut.”

The Financial Times: **** Ludovic Hunter-Tilney said: “Adore Life slows down the pace but is no less intense.”

The Metropolist: **** Callum Dawson wrote: “Adore Life feels like a fitting graduation from the out-and-out post-punk style of their debut; there is still an urgency about the songs but the record’s finest tracks are its slow-burners.”

News  Glenn Gamboa thought: “With “Adore Life,” Savages have found a way to expand their horizons without losing their very specific artistic vision, as well as building one challenging thrill ride after another.”

Adore Life is out on January 22nd through Matador. It is available to pre-order through Amazon now. 


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