Review Round up: The Big Short

Find out what critics have made of this Oscar-nominated drama starring Brad Pitt and Steve Carell with Love London Love Culture’s pick of the reviews: 

The Guardian: ** Peter Bradshaw wrote: “The end result is a kind of exhausted acquiescence.”

The Independent:**** Christopher Hooton described it as: “Serious but entertaining and intricate but funny is a difficult balance to strike, but The Big Short manages it masterfully.”

The Telegraph: **** Robbie Collin said: “Comedy has rarely felt this sobering.”

The Financial Times: **** Nigel Andrews commented: “The Big Shortis a big, clever chortle, full of sardonic insights into a time of woe.”

Manchester Evening News: ***** “We might not always keep up with McKay’s dazzling film and its rapid-fire, whipsmart dialogue, but by the end credits, we’re not far behind.”

The Mirror: *** David Edwards felt: “While you can’t fault The Big Short’s energetic attempts to sex up the dry world of economics, its heavy reliance on visual tricks goes from slick to silly awfully quickly.”

Huffington Post: ****Clive Botting summed it up saying: “Fascinating, witty and entertaining with a terrific storyline and well acted. A sobering horror story.”

Female First: **** Helen Earnshaw commented: “This is a story that really should make your blood boil but you cannot help but laugh.”

The Scotsman: **** Alistair Harkness wrote: ” The Big Short may be a comedy, but it never forgets that the joke was on us.”

Overall verdict: a funny and entertaining film that might occasionally lose its way through gimmicks but still a fascinating story. 

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