Having opened at the Lyric Theatre in the heart of the West End in January 2009, Thriller Live has reached a new landmark of 3,000 performances. 

The cast of Thriller Live celebrated the monumental landmark last night with a spectacular  three tier cake with Michael Jackson on top  and American themed party, which took place at Planet Hollywood.

This production featuring all of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits opened at the Lyric Theatre on the 26th January 2009. Producers Paul Walden and  Derek Nicol said: “We are thrilled that Thriller Live continues to rock the West End, delighting audiences of all nationalitites in its 8th record-breaking year at the Lyric Theatre.”

Unlike any other West End show, Thriller Live hasn’t got a script or story but is a celebration of one of the greatest singers of the music industry. The show changes on a yearly basis, with new numbers being added and features specially created footage and dazzling choreography by the show’s award-winning director, Gary Lloyd.

The current West End cast includes: Jordan Alexander, Alex Buchanan, Trenyce Cobbins, Dajiow, Haydon Eshun, Ryan Shaw, Britt Quentin, Brittany Woodrow, Cordell Mostellar, Aisling Duffy, Leslie Bowman, Joshua Ivey, Florivaldo Mossi, Steven Thompson, Ebony Clarke, Leah Hill, Alex Jackson, Rebecca Jones, Victoria Lamm, Arnold Mabhena, Helen Parsons, Thomas Remaili, Chantè Simpson, Aled Arhyel Charles, Joshua Cameron, Remi Goodin, Daniel Odejinmi and Zuriel Kabasomi-Williams.

Thriller Live is currently booking  at the Lyric Theatre until the 23rd April 2017. To book tickets visit: Ticketmaster.co.uk, Discount Theatre.com, Last Minute.com, Theatre Tickets Direct.co.uk, Love Theatre.com, Theatre People.com and UK Tickets.co.uk




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