REVIEW: Zootropolis

This latest Disney film will widely appeal to adults and children with its wide range of sense of humour, warm hearted characters and stunning animation. 

Zootropolis is a city where animals live in peace and harmony. In a world where humans don’t exist, the first rabbit police officer must solve a crime in two days to prove her place on the force. But with no support from her colleagues, Judy Hopps has to rely on Nick – a fast talking fox to help uncover a conspiracy.

What makes this film such a success is not only the high quality animation that is so lifelike, that there are moments when you feel as though you are in Zootropolis but the balance of humour that will appeal both to children and adults – making it feel like a grown up animated film.

It contains plenty of Disney inside jokes – really still referencing Frozen a lot particularly when one character points out that life isn’t a musical and that Judy Hopps should just ‘Let it Go’, proving that Disney still knows how to laugh at itself.

The characters such as Judy and Nick have been  well developed and there is plenty of fun to be had in the scene featuring sloths, proving that every character even the minor ones have been carefully thought out and all are equally memorable.

As ever with Disney film, although there is plenty of fun and joy to be had, there are still moments of action and terror for the main heroes mainly in the scenes at the lab and towards the end of the film – reminding children and adults a like that the world is a scary and unpredictable place. But it also has a strong message at its core that reminds us that no matter how tough life gets – we should all keep chasing our dreams.

Does it get a bit over the top in places? Yes it does but because it is clear that the characters are having fun, then it doesn’t really matter and the fact is that it is a film that has plenty of heart and courage that leaves you with a smile on your face.

Zootropolis has a great voice cast including  Ginnifer Goodwin as the determined and feisty Judy Hopps, Idris Elba as the gruff and tough Chief Bogo, Jason Bateman as the charismatic Nick, Nate Torrence as the adorable and funny Clawhauser and Maurice LeMarche as the Godfather himself Mr Big.

A delight to watch from beginning to end, Zootropolis is a fun filled adventure that will delight audiences of many different ages and is certainly a strong film from Disney.

Zootropolis is released in cinemas on the 25th March. 

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