Disney’s latest film looks at a world that is run by animals, seemingly living in harmony until several animals go missing…

The Guardian: ****Wendy Ide said: “The animation is first rate – fur is rendered so realistically that it could trigger an allergy at 50 paces – but it is the writing that elevates the picture.”

The Independent: ****Geoffrey Mcnab thought: “Few live action dramas have scripts as sharp and satirical as this.”

The Telegraph: ****Robbie Collin wrote that: “one of the film’s great strengths is the trust it puts in its young audience to decode its complex, nuanced message about the value of difference.”

Empire: **** John Nugent described it as: “vividly realised, richly detailed and very funny.”

The Mirror: ****David Edwards summed the film up by saying: “a great-looking, emotionally engaging and enormously entertaining movie.”

Den of Geek: ****Mark Harrison commented: “Disney’s CG renaissance shows no sign of slowing down in this relentlessly funny escapade.”

The Upcoming: *****Melissa Hoban said: “Disney’s animated films have moved past their days as a guilty pleasure for adults too embarrassed to admit to watching their childhood favourites, and Zootropolis firmly confirms this new status.”

Time Out:****Dave Calhoun thought that: “The world that ‘Zootropolis’ creates is intelligent and fascinatingly detailed.”

Evening Standard:****Charlotte O’Sullivan commented: “Disney is full of confidence right now and deservedly so.”

NME: ****Olly Richards wrote: “On first watch, Zootropolis is thought provoking and funny. With time, it may actually reveal itself to be genius.”

IB Times: **** (and a half) ” It’s always been known that Disney are good at heart, but when combined with intelligent but still subtle metaphors like this one, it’s easy to see why the studio is back at the top of its game.”

Female First:***** Helen Earnshaw wrote: “Zootropolis delivers more of the same as the animation and visual are just exquisite and will truly transport you and take you on a fun and rather wild adventure.”

Belfast Telegraph:**** Damon Smith thought that:”Zootropolis is 108 minutes of unadulterated joy, rendered in exquisitely detailed animation.”

Digital Spy: ***** Ben Rawson-Jones commented that it is “simply the perfect family film.”

The Financial Times:**** Nigel Andrews said: “Just relish the zingy jokes and in-jokes; a slow-burn dialogue scene with sloths that’s an instant classic; the elastic character animation; and the pacy, racy disrespect for PC of all hues and flavours.”

Zootropolis is out in cinemas now.