Starring Emma Watson and directed by Florian Gallenberger, this intense thriller will arrive in cinemas and On Demand from the 1st July. 

Following one woman’s efforts to rescue her boyfriend from a brutal sect takes her on a journey right into the heart of darkness and is based on harrowing true events.

The action is set amidst the Chilean coup of 1973, where the masses are protesting against General Pinochet’s regime. Among the crowds are Daniel (Daniel Brühl – Rush, Captain America: Civil War) and Lena (Emma Watson – Harry Potter, The Bling Ring), a young couple who, like many others, get arrested by Pinochet’s secret police for producing propaganda against the regime. As Lena attempts to rescue Daniel from a secret interrogation camp located beneath the infamous Colonia Dignidad, she must infiltrate the cult if she is to succeed.

This film focuses closely on one of history’s lesser known atrocities and was filmed with the input of from real-life survivors of the Colonia Dignidad.

The Colony is released in cinemas and On Demand on the 1st July. 


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