This semi-staged production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical sees Glenn Close making her West End debut. But is it a successful revival? 

The Guardian: **** Michael Billington wrote: “this semi-staged version seems closer to the Wilder film noir and boasts a breathtaking performance from Glenn Close.”

A Younger Theatre: Samuel Sims commented: “This isn’t just about seeing Glenn Close a Hollywood actress on stage, it’s about Norma Desmond, shining again, finally.”

The Telegraph: ***** Dominic Cavendish described it as: “Lonny Price’s semi-staged revival as a glorious, creepy (if resolutely technicolor) thrill a minute.” Matt Trueman said: “The bare-stage simplicity lets your imagination do the work and leaves all the ambiguity intact.”

British***** Douglas Mayo thought that: “Price keeps the pace lively, visually interesting and manages to keep the drama building.”

The Stage:****Mark Shenton found: “Director Lonny Price’s production, on simple series of interconnecting metal stairways, gives it momentum and drama.”

WhatsOnStage:**** Holly Williams wrote: “Close gives a performance that shades and shimmers like one of sequined gowns: grandly majestic, her mouth set in a ferocious resolute little line, then giddy with girlish, gleeful, grotesque excitement.”

The Daily Mail:**** Patrick Marmion was enthusiastic saying: “Close makes sure the sun once more rises on a glorious Sunset Boulevard.”

Digital Spy: ****Kate Goodacre commented: “It’s a performance bursting with energy, and will most likely make Close a hot favourite come awards season.”

Londonist: *****Johnny Fox said: “Close has a wonderful way of undercutting the climax of a set-piece song by almost throwing away the next line. It’s winning.”

The Financial Times: ** Ian Shuttleworth was disappointed saying: “Director Lonny Price elicits vitality and drama from his company, but that still isn’t enough.”

West End Frame: **** “Sunset Boulevard feels like a grand show which would benefit hugely from a stunning design.”

London Theatre 1: ***** Mary Nguyen called it a: “moving, unique and ingenious production.”

British Theatre Guide: Philip Fisher was impressed saying: “Glenn Close proving that she has all of the star quality of Norma Desmond herself and getting great support from her colleagues who deliver an enjoyable and touching story with impeccable clarity and musical prowess.”

There Ought to Be Clowns : “It is all about Close in the end though and in delivering the kind of magisterial performance that recognises and cleverly exploits any frailties she may possess for maximum emotional impact, and which will undoubtedly live long in the memory, ensures this semi-staged Sunset Boulevard more than semi-delivers.”

Sunset Boulevard appears at the London Coliseum until the 7th May. To book tickets visit:, Discount, Last, Theatre Tickets, Love, Theatre and UK




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