Review Round Up: Bad Neighbours 2

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron return for the sequel – but can it prove to be as successful and a worthy one? 

The Telegraph: ** Tim Robey found that: “Like most comedy sequels, it’s also content to dig out the same old punchbowl and dilute the dregs.”

The Guardian: **Peter Bradshaw wrote: “This pretty routine follow-up has some decent material and amiable bad taste, heavily diluted with gallons of very ordinary sequel product.”

Irish Times:***Donald Clarke was more optimistic saying: ‘despite its terminally lazy high concept, it is slightly funnier and bit more sociologically diverting than the first episode.”

The Independent: ** Geoffrey Macnab wasn’t impressed saying: “The film, though, doesn’t amount to much more than a loose assembly of jokes, only some of which hit the mark.”

The Hollywood News: **** Paul Heath reacted positively to the film commenting: “for a mainstream comedy, it features a very impressive, inventive screenplay, brilliantly executed by Nicholas Stoller, his creative team and his very funny cast.”

The List: **** Katherine McLaughin was also impressed writing: “the team of (male) writers – which includes Rogen and returning director Nicholas Stoller – ensure that a good time is had by all, with gross-out gags and slapstick galore creating a manic energy that will leave you wanting to dance the funk elastic.”

Bad Neighbours 2 is released in cinemas on the 6th May. 


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