Finding Nemo was all about reuniting a lost fish with his father, now the film’s best love characters gets a film of her own in Finding Dory. 

As charming as Finding Nemo was and still is, it is possible that Finding Dory will be even more heart wrenching. The reason? Well Dory is trying to find her family – but due to her memory loss can’t remember very much about her family, meaning that reuniting with them could be extremely difficult.

As the latest trailer reveals, there is a host of brand new characters alongside the ones that we are familiar with – refreshing the film from the original. But at the same time, it seems as though the sense of humour that Finding Nemo had is still very much a key part of what will make the film a success.

Even since Finding Nemo was released, visual effects in animation have developed considerably sharper – so it is to expected that these will be of an even higher quality in drawing audiences into the story.

So what could potentially let the film down? Well there is a sense of repetitiveness in terms of the story – lost fish wants to be reunited with family, even with the change of perspective to Dory – ensuring even more humour and adventure along the way.

However, if it works it will certainly endear fans of Finding Nemo as much as younger generations who might have only recently discovered Finding Nemo for the first time.

Essentially, we all just want to explore underneath the ocean and the characters within it again. Nostalgia isn’t necessarily a bad thing – if it gets it right which there is a strong chance that it will.

Finding Dory is released in UK cinemas on the 17th June. 



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