Review Round Up… Finding Dory

Can the sequel to Finding Nemo impress critics – or does it struggle to stay afloat? 

The Guardian: *** Jordan Hoffman wrote: “This is a movie with a great number of bright spots, but it’s still for an audience with a short attention span.”

The Daily Mail: *** “Finding Dory, bright and clever like most all Pixar releases, has the animation studio’s familiar blend of wit, heart and visual detail. But it’s missing its own magic.” “audiences from around the world will be grateful to encounter a sequel to a movie as beloved as “Finding Nemo” that more than lives up to the first film’s casually magical charms.”

Hollywood Reporter: “In other words, while rambunctious and passably humorous, this offspring isn’t nearly as imaginative and nimble-minded as the forerunner that spawned it.”

Indie Wire: “under the surface, an abstract and unspoken truth begins to take shape in a more palpable way than it did in the first film.”

The Wrap: ” Finding Dory is rousingly entertaining, with side-jokes and supporting characters that will take their place in the pantheon alongside the “Mine! Mine!” seagulls and surfer-dude turtles (both factions turn up briefly here) from the original.”

Finding Dory is released in UK cinemas in July. 


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