Review Round Up… Sunset at the Villa Thalia @National Theatre

Alexi Kaye Campbell’s play stars Elizabeth McGovern and Ben Miles – but what have critics thought about it? 

The Evening Standard: ** Henry Hitchings found that: “But this is a contrived play from a writer who has previously done much wiser and more sophisticated work. ”

Londonist: **** Chris Bridges was more enthusiastic saying: “Who knew that an examination of Greece’s susceptibility to foreign influence could be so intriguing and entertaining?”

The Daily Mail: ** Quentin Letts was disappointed writing: “for a new play on this subject to fail even once to mention the European Union and the damage it has done to Greece – causing far worse misery and exploitation than anything shown here: that just seems perverse, if not downright craven.”

The Telegraph: ** Dominic Cavendish commented: “Simon Godwin’s cast do what they can with this lukewarm, messy moussaka of a play.”

The Independent: *** Paul Taylor thought: “Re-fighting old ideological battles, Sunset at the Villa Thaliacontrives not to feel like a play for today.”

WhatsOnStage: *** Sarah Crompton summed it up saying: “But what makes Sunset at the Villa Thalia consistently engrossing are the implications of its larger themes.”

Time Out: ** “The cast make the best of it, and I genunely would watch Miles in anything: his Harvey is the best thing here, a seamless mix of irritating American holiday maker and sinister American foreign agent.”

The Upcoming: **** “Alexi Kaye Campbell’s Sunset at the Villa Thalia could not be more timely.”

There Ought to be Clowns:  “Sunset at the Villa Thalia actually deals with something more dramatically compelling in Simon Godwin’s occasionally over-emphatic production.”

Sunset at the Villa Thalia appears at the National Theatre’s Dorfman Theatre until the 4th August. For more information and to book tickets visit:

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