This charming and grown up French romantic comedy has plenty to offer audiences and a strong message at its heart. 

Directed by Laurent Tirard, this is a straight-talking and no messing around film which confronts the audience on how we treat and judge others who are different.

The film begins with Diane (Virginie Efira) receiving a phone call from a charming man who has her phone after she left it having had an argument with her ex-husband Bruno. When she meets Alexandre (Jean Dujardin) to get her phone back, what follows a simple but stylish story that is filled with affection but awkwardness ensues as Diane struggles to deal with a small problem.

By keeping this film simple in terms of the plot it allows more room for character development. Virginie Efira as Diane gives a charming and stylish performance of a character who struggles to deal with her guilt of her uncertainty about her relationship and her concern of what people might think of her and Alexandre’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Jean Dujardin as Alexandre has his own struggles to deal with – particularly with regards to his height (thanks to digital tricks) and trying to make people respect him, is heartwarming and touching to watch. Together, there is a great and natural chemistry between them both that is engaging from beginning to end – particularly to see how they grow and overcome their problems individually to help them grow as a couple.

Although most of the time there is a sense of sophistication in the way in which the film has been made, there are occasional moments which don’t quite fit in with the style of the film. For example, the scene where Alexandre takes Diane skydiving feels as though it is trying to hard, the comedy feels a bit forced and unnatural in comparison to the more natural comedy on display.

It is a gentle and laid back film that doesn’t go far in terms of the plot once Alexandre and Diane get together, but what it does well is showing the development of the characters as they find out more about each other. There is a strong message at the heart of it that suggests that we shouldn’t judge other people or let people’s individuality stand in the way of our happiness.

Gorgeously filmed, Up for Love is a film worth watching if you are looking for sophisticated romantic comedy with plenty of heart.

Up for Love is released in cinemas on the 5th August. 


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