This new Tarzan film directed by David Yates, starring Alexander Skarsgård is released on the 6th July. But how have critics reacted to it? 

The Guardian: **Jordan Hoffman found that: “There’s an anti-greed message and a green message and a feminist message, but there are also the asinine Hollywood story beats that must be hit.”

Variety:  “Relatively light on action and downright disappointing in the visual effects department.”

A.V. Club: “Without many binding action sequences, the movie draws more attention to its shortcomings.”

Hollywood Reporter: “offers a well-judged balance of vigorous action and engaging-enough drama.”

The Wrap: “The Legend of Tarzan isn’t as singularly joyless as many of this summer’s other current offerings, but it also feels distinctly like a missed opportunity.”

Empire: ** “What transpires is an adventure story without the adventure.”

Time Out: *** “This Tarzan isn’t quite the jungle VIP – but it’s got a little swing.”

The Legend of Tarzan is released in UK cinemas on the 6th July. 




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