This new Tarzan film directed by David Yates, starring Alexander Skarsgård is released on the 6th July. But how have critics reacted to it? 

The Guardian: **Jordan Hoffman found that: “There’s an anti-greed message and a green message and a feminist message, but there are also the asinine Hollywood story beats that must be hit.”

Variety:  “Relatively light on action and downright disappointing in the visual effects department.”

A.V. Club: “Without many binding action sequences, the movie draws more attention to its shortcomings.”

Hollywood Reporter: “offers a well-judged balance of vigorous action and engaging-enough drama.”

The Wrap: “The Legend of Tarzan isn’t as singularly joyless as many of this summer’s other current offerings, but it also feels distinctly like a missed opportunity.”

Empire: ** “What transpires is an adventure story without the adventure.”

Time Out: *** “This Tarzan isn’t quite the jungle VIP – but it’s got a little swing.”

The Legend of Tarzan is released in UK cinemas on the 6th July. 



One thought on “Review Round Up…The Legend of Tarzan

  1. Sounds like a missed opportunity. The literary Tarzan is, essentially, a superhero. Not only is he strong, fast, and agile, he more or less speaks with and commands respect from, many animals, and he also speaks several human languages. Most of the TV and theatrical depictions of Tarzan are pretty far off base. Of course, there’s also the inherent racism in the original stories, that Tarzan attained his abilities and knowledge mostly through the virtue of his aristocratic, white, heritage. But modern storytelling should be able to reframe the character into someone more suitable for today’s audiences. I was hoping this film might be a start for that.

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