Opinion: is Rebel Wilson a Worthy Adelaide in Guys & Dolls?

On hearing the news that Rebel Wilson was joining the London cast of Guys & Dolls, the majority of people were extremely happy, but this writer  a little bit dubious – could she pull the character off? 

The Guardian: “Before she had delivered a single line, the crowd could not contain itself. Wilson spent the next two and a half hours proving she deserved the hysteria.”

Radio times: “Her performance is a triumph of sassy physical comedy and impeccable timing.”

Evening Standard: “True, she could be funnier — some of her saucy moments have a strenuous coarseness — and she could be better integrated into the production, but she has certainly put her mark on the role.”

The Telegraph:  “But this certainly has star-attraction even if it’s not star-making stuff; novelty value, even if the intrinsic worth is not fully apparent. Fans will be happy.”

West End Wilma: “Rebel Wilson doesn’t try to imitate what Spiro did before, she goes back to scratch and makes the role her own, adding in comedy adlibs and dance moves.”

WhatsOnStage: “her presence gives the performance an extra jolt of comedy and bombast, all the while keeping true to its strong emotional core. A blast.”

The Times: “This is Guys and Dolls as no one has seen it before, for you’ve never seen a doll quite like Rebel Wilson.”

Time Out: “Her take on ditzy, 14-years engaged cabaret dancer Miss Adelaide is more vulgar and more stylised than most.”

Musical Theatre Review: “Wilson has a starkly different reading of the character, removing the double from every entendre and bringing a raucous, anarchic edge to Miss Adelaide’s demeanour. And yet such moments are occasional, with a sweet and charming side of the character also coming through in waves that make Wilson’s portrayal feel uneven.”

Overall thoughts? I might just have to change my mind and go and see her if I can as it seems as though her performance is going down well with audiences and critics. 

Rebel Wilson will appear in Guys & Dolls at the Phoenix Theatre until the 21st August. To book tickets visit: Cheap Theatre Tickets.comTicketmaster.co.uk, Discount Theatre.com, Last Minute.com, Theatre Tickets Direct.co.uk, Love Theatre.com, Theatre People.com and UK Tickets.co.uk. 



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