Happy 30th Birthday Pixar!

It has been 30 years since the animation studio released its first short film and look where it is now! Here is a guide to some of its best loved releases. 

Toy Story: who knew that a film about toys could prove so endearing? The first instalment of this much loved film series introduced audiences to Woody and Buzz, proving that animation had no limits when it came to imaginative stories. The series is still beloved today, with a fourth film due out in 2018.

A Bug’s Life: following on from their first successful full length picture, Pixar then followed it up with another creative masterpiece. A Bug’s Life was released in 1998 and follows the story of an ant colony trying to stand up for themselves against a bunch of grasshoppers who demand the ants pick food for them every summer. Full of fun and adventure, it has plenty to enjoy – even if it isn’t perhaps as popular as the likes of ‘Up’ or ‘Finding Nemo’.

Monsters Inc: fast forward to 2001, and Pixar once again was able to prove just how far animation had come in the space of a few years with Monsters Inc. The quality of animation was the highest yet, showing an even higher attention to detail than had previously been seen. Monsters Inc is surprisingly heartwarming, taking that childhood fear of a monster hiding in the cupboard and transforming it into a story of friendship and facing your fears head on.

Inside Out: this 2015 Pixar film is one of the cleverest films that the animation studio has ever made. Based around the emotions of a little girl, the film created characters based around said emotions, who attempt to get her back on track. It would be impossible after watching this that even adults weren’t thinking about the ‘characters’ running around in our heads!

Finding Nemo: recreating the bottom of the ocean and some new beloved characters was a recipe for success for Pixar with Finding Nemo. Featuring a lot of the trademark sense of humour that has become as much of Pixar and Disney’s style as the creation of new worlds for audiences to discover and immerse themselves in, Finding Nemo is a vivid and colourful adventure that still delights audiences now.

Up: but this the Pixar film that everybody is still talking about today because of its heart and underlying sadness that was a departure from what the studio had created up until that point. It concentrates on Carl Fredricksen, a boy who idolises famous explorer Charles Muntz, who is grieving for his wife and attempting to carry out her wish to visit Paradise Falls. It is perhaps one of the most grown up films that Pixar has created, hence its enduring appeal to audiences.




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