Review Round Up: Sausage Party

Seth Rogen and Kristen Wiig lend their voices in this new animated film – strictly for adults! Find out what critics thought here: 

The Guardian: **** “The whole thing is so tasty, you may just want seconds.”

The Telegraph: ** “For all the jokes, though, it really doesn’t have much to say. Indeed, the more the film tries to jam its ideas down your throat, the less palatable it becomes.”

NME: **** “There’s no nutrition here, just the delicious sugar rush of really great junk good. And who doesn’t love that?”

Empire: **** “smart, subversive and packed with famous voices saying wonderfully unspeakable things. In fact, it’s a banger.”

Variety: “something far short of Shavian in terms of sophisticated dialogue — really, there is just so much novelty value one can milk from repetitious fusillades of F-bombs launched by animated characters — but it is difficult to deny the hilarity quotient of a movie so exuberantly and unapologetically rude and crude.”

Evening Standard: **** “Sausage Party is a total hoot. It’s as well made as anything by Pixar and the fantastic dialogue whips along faster than any screwball comedy.”

International Business Times: *** 1/2 “While it may not be perfect, Sausage Party has enough smarts to be memorable and at the end of the day, does everything it says on the tin and will delight those who are already keen to see it.”

The Wrap: “This comedy needed to be a lot smarter if it wanted to succeed at being this stupid.”

The Irish Times: *** “Sausage Party is a tasty proposition. Just don’t expect too much subtlety as the animated adventure plays itself out.”

Digital Spy: *** “If you love Seth Rogen films and comedy that’s less near the knuckle, and closer to the elbow, then you’ll undoubtedly relish in Sausage Party‘s clever format. If that’s not to your taste, it’s probably worth skipping this meal and saving your appetite.”

Rolling Stone: “You leave the fucked-up funhouse of Sausage Party thinking: Did I see this movie or hallucinate it? I mean that as high praise.”



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