Woohoo! Bridget Jones is back! As is Renee Zellweger who hasn’t appeared on screen for six years. So what have critics made of both the character and the actress’s return? 

The Guardian: *** “This is the best way to end what can only can be described as the Bridget Jones franchise: something resembling a likeable, good-natured one-off TV holiday special.”

The Telegraph: *** “It’s a comeback you root for, then, even while it’s wobbling and occasionally falling in the mud. But goodwill gets it home.”

The Daily Mail: *** “This is, on the whole, a worthy completion of the trilogy.”

Variety: “Bridget Jones’s Baby is not a comedy for the ages, but it’s interesting to see a rom-com starring a middle-aged woman grappling with irrelevance in the workplace.”

Hollywood Reporter: “There are crisply folded lines, and pleasingly peppery performances from the supporting cast especially, but where its beating heart should be there is a splinter of ice, the sense that no one involved is really doing this for that much love.”

Radio Times: **** “Bridget Jones’s Baby is a bundle of joy.”

Digital Spy: *** “We’re glad this film exists and we’re happy things worked out for Bridge. We’re just not sure she’s one of us anymore. ”

Empire: **** “Though the story occasionally stretches credibility, the warmth and wit so reminiscent of the original Bridget Jones’s Diary propels you along.”

Indie Wire: “Zellweger has much to do with the safe transition of this new Bridget, maintaining all the old quirks and sweetness, but in a believably more mature shell.”

The Wrap: “she still delivers choice comic expressions and re-creates a much loved, lived-in character.”

The Mirror: **** “Zellweger is reliably watchable, both dotty and adorable, while there’s sterling support from Emma Thompson as her GP”

Time Out: **** “Bridget Jones’s Baby is funny and charming.”

The Times: **** “affectionate and hilarious”

The Upcoming: **** “Whilst it may not boast a shocking level of originality or any breakthrough ideas, the long-awaited comeback of Bridget Jones is an uplifting, heartwarming and hilarious watch in exactly the way we would have hoped for.”

Bridget Jones’s Baby will be released in cinemas on the 16th September. 




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